Thursday, 9 December 2010

A move into Neosurrealism - George Grie

Neosurrealism is a combined imagery of dreams, fantasies, and subconscious mind visions in fine art painting, digital art graphic, and photography. I have to say, I'm vey new to this type of art, and I'm already loving it. It connects very well with the ideas i've had so far because most of them have been dreamt up. After looking at surrealism, my mind has widen to new possiblities, but after looking at neosurrealism, those ideas are going to find some ground and form extremely quickly.

The artist here is George Grie, he has a beauiful technique of imagery and lighting effects, this makes a real sence of a dream like world. A world that doesn't exsist, but could easily exsist in a subconsiousness.

George Grie

The Polar Express

The Image of the train produced by Georgie Grie has sparked an idea for me. Combinding it with the train from 'The Polar Express', I've been thinking of experimenting with a train plowing through the ocean; either on top or underneath. This could become very interesting whn it came to picking the right type of train to portray the dream like feel of neosurrealism and also studying the way water moves and reflects. And to develop those, there is always room of bending the rules of the water and the train.


  1. Oh wow, that art is brilliant. And your idea rocks, too, good luck with this unit.

  2. Hey Chris - my only concern about this idea, is that it moves so totally towards surrealism, that its ability to be 'ambiguous' or transmit that 'familiar/unfamiliar' vibe is up for debate...

  3. Firstly Thank you to Simon for the support, I'm sorry we haven't had the chance to meet yet.
    To phil, I'm sory if this comes across as an idea that I will definitly use, I'm not saying it is and I'm not saying it isn't. I just really like the dream like feel to these images and it is merely something I would like to experiment with, if not use, because a dream is something that always leave me confused when I wake up. That feeling of was it real or was it not, is a feeling you mainly get at this point in life. With this unit I plan to develop down to every little detail, also keeping in mind what you've been telling me about 'less is more'. But when looking at some research, I'm trying to get a larger range of techniques that are out there. I'm also looking for a new type of style aswel, maybe a combination of surrealism and a new stlye could fuse together to create that feel of unfamiliar teritory. Again Something for me to explore.