Saturday, 11 December 2010

Doll in the mirror and photomanipulation

Whilst sitting here doing work, I had a quick look around and noticed something that I hadn't before. This creepy doll in the mirror, looking straight at me, DAMN YOU MUM!!!

This image was just straight from the camera, I like the dark eerie feel of it.

The following images were the result of my little brothers idea. As he explain his idea, I knew exactly how to do it, because I've done it before. I think these images show a sense of the uncanny, the doll for me has always been a 'scary' situation for me (Unfortuantly they're all over the house!) but the added effect of the mirror protrays that feeling to rethink about the image.

The image above is far my favourite, simply because the doll is looking straight at the audience, this really punches in a sense of fear.

This image, I experimented with the possible ghostiness of the doll, something to think about with this idea....


  1. Hey. I love having the doll in the mirror but not really there. It makes you question, which one's real, where you are, or the reflection? I think it's stronger without having the doll faded.
    Awesome stuff :)

  2. What position would you recommend to have the doll (keep it clean ha!) I was thinking of have a sort of dead on one, where the doll is standing infront of the mirror, but it was difficult to get that because of course my reflection would be there, and the banister was in the way.... I need to find another mirror.
    Cheers for the comment mate.

  3. I'd suggest the image second from bottom is 'the one' - the ghost image is 'too much'.