Friday, 19 October 2012

About the cockroach

General facts

Cockroaches can measure over one inch in length

Tropical species are known to be larger

Six legs

Two antennae

Wings - However most species do not fly

Emit unpleasant odors

Produce sound - Madagascar hissing cockroach

Cockroaches are nocturnal - if seen during the day, it is a sign that the cockroach has been pushed out due to overcrowding.

An example of a large specie of cockroach is Gromphadorrhina Portentosa - (Madagascar hissing cockroach)

Cockroaches live off anything they can find although they prefer sweets, meat and starch.

Cockroaches can live on just water for months

Cockroaches prefer to feed on decaying organic matter and inanimate, starchy foods.

The largest wingspan specie is the Megaloblatta Longipennis - 18cms

Largest specie is the Marcopanesthia Rhinocerus - weighs 50 grams

Longest specie is the Blaberus Giganteus - 4 inches

Extinct large species Carboniferous Archimylacris

and the Permian Apthoroblattina

Natural predators - Toads, Frogs, Beetles, Geckos, Iguanas - Parasitic wasp species lay their eggs inside the egg cases of cockroaches - the hatchlings feed upon nearby cockroach eggs

Cockroaches eyes contain more than a thousand lenses allowing them to see multiple things at once

However they are incapable of registering red light.

Their antennae, also known as feelers, are responsible for their sense of smell

Two small hairs on their abdomens - called cerci act as sensors - advantage over predators, as they are senseitive to slight air movements

Salivary glands and esophagus are used to assist digestion

Most of the nervous system is located in the head - however the brain is situated near the stomach

Cockroaches produce egg cases known as oothecae which contains many eggs

Some species carry the oothecae, some drop them

A newly born roach is called a Nymth - they are small but they enlarge through the intake of air and they harden within four hours

Nymths are greyish-brown in colour and darken with every progressive molt.


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