Monday, 8 October 2012

Some more mirrored silhouettes

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  1. Hey Chris - I like 10 - it's the least generic, and has a character beyond the Power Ranger/Transformer thing that's going on in many (many!) of the others. I know Alan suggested you try and give yourself some additional limitations re. this design process - i.e. 'what else associates with time' - what 'sort' of character is he (for example, is he a warrior, or is he a sage?). 'Time' is essentially a neutral element, so what is his function in your game - indeed, what is the world of your game, Chris? You can keep generating aesthetically pleasing silhouettes forever, but I still don't get a strong sense re. 'why' you're making them - so how can you spot the 'right' one when you see it? (Which isn't the same as it being the one of which you're most personally proud). I think it's time you wrote yourself a brief to pin down the purpose of this design pipeline: for example