Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Back to square one for the final time... I Promise!

I had another tutorial with Alan today and we had to set some things straight with what I wanted to do. 

So to cut a long story short, I have changed my idea with a lot of much need advice from Alan, which I am very grateful for. 

Any who, the new idea is to create either a short animation or a series of image that show a comical situation. 

Bow I could go plenty of ways with this, but some ways that Alan has already advise is, a small audio track from a comedy stand up or show, a piece of music, a joke, a view on a political problem or a scene in a book.

I instantly wanted to go through all the comedy DVDs that I own so get some inspiration. I have found some lines from my favourite comedy Lee Evans, which I will post up on a later post.

When I find either a piece of audio or joke I want my version to have a different build up to the punch line to make it hopefully more comical. 

I have also been advised by Alan, if I can express the joke clearly in a silent form it will make the project a lot more successful, which is a nice goal to aim for.

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