Thursday, 18 October 2012

New Project Proposal

Chris Rogers, you have been commissioned by Paramount Pictures to design a creature for the following movie with an age range of 18 and up. This is a high budget movie that will involve live action footage integrated with CG and VFX. The synopsis of the movie is this:

Thirty years ago an alien species called the ___________, a large specie that resembles the cockroaches found on earth. After many years of fighting, the human race found themselves fighting a losing battle, their only hope was to release every nuclear bomb on the earth to destroy the alien race. However the nuclear bomb didn't kill the cockroaches but instead made them mutate; they became bigger, stronger and more deadly and they feed on the surviving humans. There is only 2% of the human population left on earth and they live underground to escape the nuclear gas cloud and the patrolling cockroaches. There are two distinctive types of the mutated cockroach - the patrolling/soldier cockroach and the queen cockroach which is constantly laying eggs. The humans eventually win the war between both races by killing the queen.

Your job is design one of the patrolling mutated cockroaches, it must have the ability to kill, walk at some speed and be heavily defencive.

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