Saturday, 6 October 2012

Silhouette development

Today I decided to play around with the silhouettes that I had already made in Alchemy. I had some feedback on them that they were too bulky and gorilla-like. I haven't yet decided what size this character will be but my heart keeps pulling me the the big bulky machine character because my interpretation of time is that is it large, vast and dangerous so I would like incorperate that.

However I will still look at different sizes just incase that this character is hiden in a future small structured silhouette.

What I have been doing, is shrinking, oulling, taking, cut and pasting the Alchemy designs together to create something new that has some form of structure that I could work off. I then developed the shapes I got to create even more ideas that could work. Here is the first lot.

This image shows the Silhouette that I pulled the shapes from and then the newly created silhouettes. I looked at this silhouette from a far and found it very pleasing, especially the middle section and what appears to be shoulders. I cut this area out and moulded it to create the first silhouette. I then added and extra silhouette to it to create arms for the character, however this one I didn't like because the large shoulders looked weird.With the third silhouette I am trying to intergrate some mechanical elements into it and the fourth one I went a little further. I started to realise that I had gone to far away from the original silhouette which is what I liked in the first place so I inverted and started to use it as a texture. The silhouettes that have been created here look far too soldier like for my taste and I still really prefer the original silhouette. 

I really like the first original silhouette, mainly because of the head like structure at the top so I used that. I also combined it to the second structure. This one was more exciting because the final silhouettes look like they are from a time period or culture which for me make them more real. They started to look like samurai.

These are may favourites for the day, the silhouette that I started with looked like a structure engolfed by large wings and it looked awesome! So I spent some time trying to get the characters structure out of the wings so that it can be seen. I then intergrated some mechanical time parts to make it look like it is a machine or part machine that runs like clockwork. The lower image is my favourite, I know it is a bulky fellow but thats because of the wings.

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  1. I really like the shape of this last one. It sounds silly, but I never considered it as having wings. I saw this smaller creature surrounded by a huge back-pack of cogs and whirring parts that he has to carry to control time (if that's what he does?). Wings are good too though! :P