Monday, 22 October 2012

Silhouette creations

There wan't a lot of thought that went into these silhouettes, I just wanted to get some ideas down that were floated around in my head. What I noticed with these silhouettes is that they are rather blocky, which is fine at this stage but it is something that I will work on as the silhouettes come flooding. I happy with the amount of variations in these sheets because it opens up the doors to new possiblitlies.

For the next couple of hours I am going to focus my silhouette creations on a certain characteristic that I believe the creature could have.

For example have some new silhouettes that show Strength, speed, flight and a deadly nature. This is just a few right now but we will see were it will go. I want to get these silhouettes created very quickly because I have a long way until I have caught up with were I should be.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Chris - good to see you getting stuck in here - and already within just these few silhouettes you can see different 'sub-genres' getting started - for example, the b-movie feel of the top 3 on the third page, and the more 'body horror' iterations below. Remember your audience, let this guide you in terms of decision making too.