Monday, 15 October 2012

Initial sketches of cthylla

So heres a quick start on the visual look, for me this is just a warm up to see what it could look like. So far I am happy with these sketches but at the moment I am miles away from actually designing as can be seen in these.

What these sketches have shown me though, is that this mash up of creatures doesn't and shouldn't look like a mash up. I certainly don't want this creature to look like a cut and paste design. So other ways I want to experiment, for example is the use of the tenticles; It seems obvious that they dangle from the face like a Davey Jones character or dangle from the bottom like number 3 on page 1. But I want to use each part properly and to the creatures advantage.

This would mean I first need to decide what this creature is - Character for a game or movie? Most feared animal under the sea or above... or he could possibly be the much lower down the food chain which opens up plenty of possibilities.

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